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Gyaan ki Chuskiyaan

Hindi Poetry!

2022 Releases

MockTales Book Cover

This is such a good little book to give to my drinking buddies!! Enjoyed the authors' thoughts immensely. Great find!

Life on the Rocks
‘Love this! Great gift idea’
Amazon India

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About 'The Bartending Poet'

The Bartending Poet is a "normal" person who ventured into different fields to find himself and eventually realised that a poet is nothing, but an amalgamation of a million souls, beautifully woven into one.

The concept behind 'The Bartending Poet is explained below -

​​​​​​​I found the world was hard to understand
I searched for meaning in words written by dead
While I stood behind the bar, serving people at day's end
I often talked to souls with defeated head

I saw their hopes and dreams that always got dashed
I felt their anguish and pain, and yearning desire to get heard
I listened to their words which were left unsaid
And I decided to leave the trail of their stories, simply penned


About Harsh Kushwah

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